Print Design Service

Welcome to Pearl & Clover Freelance Print Design Service!  My name is Melinda and I am a professional freelance print designer with a passion for creating visually appealing and effective designs. Whether you need eye-catching all over print, or a custom placement artwork, I am here to bring your vision to life."

What I Offer:

  1. Design Service: I offer personalised design solutions that cater to your specific needs. From prints and pattern for fashion, home wear, gifting and more.  I can design a wide range of prints that reflect your brand identity and capture your target audience's attention.

  2. Attention to Detail: With a keen eye for detail, I ensure that every aspect of the design is carefully crafted, from typography and colour choices to layout and imagery. I believe that small details can make a big difference in the overall impact of the design.

  3. Brand Consistency: If you already have an established brand, I will work closely with you to maintain brand consistency across all designs. I understand the importance of cohesive branding to strengthen your brand identity and increase brand recognition.

  4. Custom Artwork: I can create custom artwork, illustrations, and graphics that add a unique touch to your products. Whether you need original illustrations or re-colours of best selling artworks.  I can bring imagination to reality."

Design Process: "My design process is collaborative and client-focused. I believe in open communication and take the time to understand your objectives and preferences. Here's how we'll work together:

  1. Consultation: We'll start with a consultation to discuss your project requirements, goals, and budget.

  2. Concept Development: Based on our discussion, I'll create initial design concepts for your review and feedback.  This includes trend research if appropriate.  

  3. Revisions: I welcome your feedback and will make necessary revisions until we achieve the perfect print design.

  4. Finalisation: Once you are satisfied with the design, I'll prepare the final files for printing and delivery."

Why Choose Pearl & Clover

  • Experience: "With 10+ years of experience in print design, I have honed my skills and have a track record of delivering high-quality design solutions to satisfied clients."

  • Creativity: "I approach each project with a fresh perspective and creativity, ensuring that your print ranges stand out from the competition."

  • Timely Delivery: "I understand the importance of meeting deadlines, and I am committed to delivering your project on time without compromising on quality."

  • Client Satisfaction: "Client satisfaction is my top priority. I am dedicated to ensuring that you are thrilled with the final results of our work together."

Contact Information: "If you're ready to take your print ideas and make them a reality.  I'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact me via or to discuss your project or to request a quote.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Melinda Verallo-Fleming